isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

Thanks, all recieved, adn petition sent to start the transfer.

I havent yet received the transfer email, is there any update?

Its been 2 days and no transfer email and no follow up from OP. If I dont hear anything by next downtime i’m filing a petition.

If hes scamming, hes bad at it, pilot still has full sp, so you got that going for you at least :smiley:

I have filed 2 petitions already and CCP still hasn’t done anything, sorry but this is not my fault. This is no Scam, and the Character should have been transferred long ago. i don’t know what else i can do to help.

I believe you. I just hadn’t heard from you in over 48h and wanted an update so I can make sure you’re not scamming. Ill give it a few days.

Looks like GM manually did the transfer. I have the character on my account but I never received an email. Weird.

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