I am up for sale:

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
Jump clone: none

active clone:

Char location: jita4-4
noteable skillbooks injected:
Amarr Titan (6B worth)
Amarr Dreadnought (2.5B worth)


Noteable: Avatar Lavacore Imperal Skin, currently worth around 3B

Starting Bid: 40B
Buyout: 45B

40b offer

41B offer

If you accept my offer now and can transfer, I’ll give you a B/O of 45B.

hi, yes I would like to take that offer for 45B.
Please send the money to me ingame with a target accountname via mail and let me know here, when you have done it please.

I’m on my way home, please wait a moment. I’ll make the payment within an hour.

isk and mail send,pls transfer

Money and account name received.

Transfer started:

Thanks and enjoy the character.
best regards

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