SOLD. 25.9M SP Smart Bomb/Rorq Pilot
Hope above link works. Let me know if it dont.

Skilled up as a Smart Bomb ratting alt. Maxed skills for highest income. Then skilled into a rorqual pilot and some research skills. Not many.

Located in station in High sec Chaven system.
about 1 mil ask on him. No assets.
No kill rights
no jump clones.

Make offers.

19 bil

22b offer

24B offer

25B offer

25B is what I was looking for, Ill let the bid go on for the 24 hour. Let people from the various time zones bid. 10 more hours to go.

OK,If you confirm to sell it to me, please send me a confirmation message.

will do

3 more hours

Close enough for me. Soon as ii see the ISK in this toons account ill get the transfer going.

Contacted you in game to finalize the details.

OK,isk and accounts have been send

Forgive my ignorance but to where?

ok showed up :slight_smile: transferring isk off then paying transfer within the next 60 seconds

isk and account received? Can you transfer the role to me now?

received Im trying to submit transfer but not working. Talk to me in game, ill get screen shots over to you… show account info and dont like that

OK,I online,If your transfer is successful, please let me know

Ill let you know as soon as it is. In CCP’s hands now since their site isn’t working.
mailing you the ticket number in game.

I’m going to work. If you transfer successfully, please send me a message in the forum or game. Thank you.

Heading to bed. Ill try again in the morning. I hope that CCP responds to SUPPORT REQUEST #835976 pretty quickly. Id love to get this toon transferred and put the second toon just like this one up tomorrow. Not going to list the second until this one its successful.