(SOLD) Smart Bomb Ratting/Rorq Mining alt. 26.6 Mil Skill Points. T2 Industrial Core


Located in Jita
Not isk negative but less than 1 mil isk.
Everything has been cleared. Contacts, Mail, Channels.
Available remaps = 2.
no longer in corp as of this morning.
No kill rights.
Max Isk yield from skill for a smart bomb alt.
530 days in last corp. Have not spent any time in other valid corps.

Just looking to consolidate accounts while i have lower play time. Possibly buying a titan on my main.

20 bil

21 Bil



Im watching, Close to what i was wanting but not quite there yet.


If you see the quotation, please give me a reply,thanks.

Tonight in 8-10 hours ill be closing the bids/offers. If possible be ready with account info whoever is the highest bidder and ill transfer before i go to bed. IIf not ill transfer tomorrow morning.

OK im accepting your offer of 24 Billion. Send me the isk and account to transfer to via mail to Cold3 SnowStorm and if ii receive before i go to bed. Ill initiate the transfer tonight. If not ill get it in the morning as long as i have the info.

I sent you an email to Cold3 in the game.

logging him in now to get started.

Isk and account info received. Starting transfer process.

Transfer started, waiting the confirmation e-mail

I received an e-mail in my e-mail address,I will get back to you when the transfer is over ,thanks.

I received your transfer.

Cool, All set then. thank you

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