Pure Rorqpilot SOLD

Forgotten Account and found an old char i injected from 5mil SP to 25, Spent 40+bil in injectors. Polished her skills a bit after that.

She have pretty much Max yield mining with excavs. 168 on ABC ore.
+5 implant
3 Attribute remaps!
Rorq V
Industry core V
Mining Drone Spec V
Clean corp history (spent 11 years in noob corp)
She have never lost a ship/pod or shot anyone.


positive wallet and sec status
Currently in Jita in npc corp
I have right to cancel the sale at any time.

Start bid at : 26B
Buyout : 38B
Min increment 500mil
Reserve hidden

Auction ends Sunday 10th 20:00 EVE Time.

I’ll start you off with 26B

27 bil

27.5 b

28 bil

So due the rule about being in NPC corp before the sale. (I failed to read the new rules) So the sale is going down for now.

My appologise

Alright fixed and up for sale again. She in Start corp now.

my offer still stands 28b

Thanks Gvozden.

If u want to finish auction earlier i am ready to pay u now.

Sure thats what Buyout is for :slight_smile: I can be alittle flexible with the buyout price, if its a quick deal.

38 is too high for me.but i can give u 30 bil if we finish deal now.

Alright i will sell Merkini to Gvozden Yeva for 30bil.

accaunt name and isk sent

isk recieved and character being transfered mate. enjoy =)

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