Pure Rorqpilot SOLD

(merkini) #1

Forgotten Account and found an old char i injected from 5mil SP to 25, Spent 40+bil in injectors. Polished her skills a bit after that.

She have pretty much Max yield mining with excavs. 168 on ABC ore.
+5 implant
3 Attribute remaps!
Rorq V
Industry core V
Mining Drone Spec V
Clean corp history (spent 11 years in noob corp)
She have never lost a ship/pod or shot anyone.


positive wallet and sec status
Currently in Jita in npc corp
I have right to cancel the sale at any time.

Start bid at : 26B
Buyout : 38B
Min increment 500mil
Reserve hidden

Auction ends Sunday 10th 20:00 EVE Time.

(Sativa Lynx) #2

I’ll start you off with 26B

(Gvozden Yeva) #3

27 bil

(Sativa Lynx) #4

27.5 b

(Gvozden Yeva) #5

28 bil

(merkini) #6

So due the rule about being in NPC corp before the sale. (I failed to read the new rules) So the sale is going down for now.

My appologise

(merkini) #7

Alright fixed and up for sale again. She in Start corp now.

(Gvozden Yeva) #8

my offer still stands 28b

(merkini) #9

Thanks Gvozden.

(Gvozden Yeva) #10

If u want to finish auction earlier i am ready to pay u now.

(merkini) #11

Sure thats what Buyout is for :slight_smile: I can be alittle flexible with the buyout price, if its a quick deal.

(Gvozden Yeva) #12

38 is too high for me.but i can give u 30 bil if we finish deal now.

(merkini) #13

Alright i will sell Merkini to Gvozden Yeva for 30bil.

(Gvozden Yeva) #14

accaunt name and isk sent

(merkini) #15

isk recieved and character being transfered mate. enjoy =)

(system) #16

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