[WTS] ~21M SP Focused Rorq Pilot with merc mining skills

This character is a focused rorq pilot that can also mine Mercoxit.

Character is positive sec status, no kill rights, and in high sec.


Some highlights include:

  • 131k unallocated SP and 2 bonus remaps

  • T2 Industrial Core / Cap Industrials 5 / Mining Drone Spec 5

  • T2 mercoxit mining crystals + can fly a barge

I am not in a hurry to sell but will accept a reasonable buyout. If I forget anything please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Starting bid: 20B
Buyout: Surprise me

I reserve the right to cancel this auction for any reason.

20b offer

Thank you for the offer, I will let this run for a couple days and sell to highest unless a higher buyout is met

Daily bump. Will sell in a day or so if there aren’t higher offers.

I hope you can accept 20.5B


21.5B rdy

22 bil



Thanks guys, will close to highest bid when I get home from work in about 2 hours.

@AndrewMiner1 23 bil accepted, send isk and account name and I’ll get it started.

ISKs to Nyx Bomb? Correct?
10 minutes and ill start

Correct, thank you

ISKs and account name sent

Isk received and transfer started. It should be done in around 10 hours per CCP.

Thanks for your business and enjoy!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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