[SOLD]WTS 23.7m SP Focused Rorq!

(Asteroid Muncher) #1

Looking to sell this Focused Rorqual Pilot.



T2 Industrial Core
Max Ice and Ore Drones Specialisation 5
Drone Interfacing 5
Invulnerability Core 4
Jump Drive Calibration 4
Fuel Conservation 4
Cybernetics 5 + Plus 5 Implants
Can use Cap Shield Booster II
Can use Capital Remote Shield Booster

Starting Bid: 20B
Buyout: 28B

Post Here / Email In-game / Convo In-game to discuss

Standard: Positive Wallet, Positive Sec Status, No kill-rights.

(xalongskam) #2


(Kohinata Yui) #3


(geffroy) #4

21 bil

(Kohinata Yui) #5


(geffroy) #6


(Kohinata Yui) #7


(geffroy) #8


(Kohinata Yui) #9


(geffroy) #10

25 bil

(Asteroid Muncher) #11

Buyout Posted for 28B.

Feel free to make a final offer if you wish.

(Janus Leto) #12

26 bil

(geffroy) #13

26.5b isk ready. Offer valid for this day

(Asteroid Muncher) #14

I was hoping for 28b, but I am not going to fight over 1.5b and you have been bidding from the start :slight_smile:

Offer Accepted. Awaiting Isk and Account name for transfer.

(geffroy) #15

Cool. Give me about an hour to get home and online. I will send the isk and accountname asap

(Janus Leto) #16

EDIT: Retracted as above offer has been accepted - congrats to both

(Asteroid Muncher) #17

I may be offline when you return, however I will be on before the evening ends :slight_smile:

(Asteroid Muncher) #18

Isk and Account Name Received. Character Transfer Started.

(geffroy) #19

Character received,
Thx for the fast deal : )
Was a pleasure doin business

(system) #20

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