WTS 25M SP Focused Rorq [SOLD]

WTS my Focused Rorqual / Industry Toon



  • T2 Industrial Core
  • Max Ice and Ore Drones Specialisation 5
  • Drone Interfacing 5
  • I nvulnerability Core 4
  • Jump Drive Calibration 4
  • Fuel Conservation 4
  • Cybernetics 5 + Plus 5 Implants
  • Can use Cap Shield Booster II
  • Can use Capital Remote Shield Booster

Pilot has a NEGATIVE sec status [-9.7]

Starting Bid: 24B
Buyout: 28B+

Post Here / Email In-game / Convo In-game to discuss

Standard: Positive Wallet, No kill-rights., Located in Jita 4-4



Thankyou for the Bid.


EDIT: Seems like buyer found another character.

Back for Sale unless Meldonium Makes contact again.

Offline till DT Tomorrow. Will do another Bump then. If someone wishes to purchase whilst offline, transfer 28b with an account name and I will begin the transfer when I am online.

Bump for today. Back Online :slight_smile:

Looking for the 28B B/O


Offer Accepted, I am online now if you want to begin :slight_smile:

No Contact from buyer and is not currently online. Back accepting offers. 28B Buyout. I am online.

25b, not an isk more

Bump to the top!


Accepted. Awaiting ISK and Account info :slight_smile:

start transferring money

Isk and Account info recieved.

Character Transfer Started

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