WTS 25M SP Focused Rorq [SOLD]

(Sulley) #1

WTS my Focused Rorqual / Industry Toon



  • T2 Industrial Core
  • Max Ice and Ore Drones Specialisation 5
  • Drone Interfacing 5
  • I nvulnerability Core 4
  • Jump Drive Calibration 4
  • Fuel Conservation 4
  • Cybernetics 5 + Plus 5 Implants
  • Can use Cap Shield Booster II
  • Can use Capital Remote Shield Booster

Pilot has a NEGATIVE sec status [-9.7]

Starting Bid: 24B
Buyout: 28B+

Post Here / Email In-game / Convo In-game to discuss

Standard: Positive Wallet, No kill-rights., Located in Jita 4-4

(Kohinata Yui) #2


(Yasmine Behirastixx) #3


(Sulley) #4

Thankyou for the Bid.

(Meldonium) #5


(Sulley) #6

EDIT: Seems like buyer found another character.

Back for Sale unless Meldonium Makes contact again.

(Sulley) #7

Offline till DT Tomorrow. Will do another Bump then. If someone wishes to purchase whilst offline, transfer 28b with an account name and I will begin the transfer when I am online.

(Sulley) #8

Bump for today. Back Online :slight_smile:

Looking for the 28B B/O

(RR Enat) #10


(Sulley) #11

Offer Accepted, I am online now if you want to begin :slight_smile:

(Sulley) #12

No Contact from buyer and is not currently online. Back accepting offers. 28B Buyout. I am online.

(Maddicus theGreat) #13

25b, not an isk more

WTB Miner, 30B isk budget [CLOSED]
(Sulley) #14

Bump to the top!

(Meldonium) #15


(Sulley) #16

Accepted. Awaiting ISK and Account info :slight_smile:

(Meldonium) #17

start transferring money

(Sulley) #18

Isk and Account info recieved.

Character Transfer Started

(system) #19

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