WTB Miner, 30B isk budget [CLOSED]

(legendotime) #1

as the title states

34M sp orca pilot with excellent refining for sale
(Cindy Wallker) #2

Maybe you like me

(legendotime) #3

i do like lets move forward

(Cindy Wallker) #4

I just started work I won’t be home for about 8 to 9 hours if that’s OK with you

(legendotime) #5

thats alright with me i will hold out till you are home :slight_smile:

(Sulley) #6

I am for sale, near perfect Rorq pilot

(legendotime) #7

no thanks :slight_smile:

(Cindy Wallker) #8

I am working delivery right now if I get a delivery by my friends house I could logon at his house to complete transfer. If you want to send it and account info I will try to do it before I would get home

(legendotime) #9

okay, do you want me to send the isk to Cindy Wallker? and the info. if so i will do now

(Cindy Wallker) #10

Yes that will work fine

(legendotime) #11

okay just sent

(Cindy Wallker) #12

I can confirm via a phone app that I have received the isk. I assume you sent a mail with account info. I will initiate transfer as soon as I can logon

(legendotime) #13

yes account info was sent in the msg with the isk.

(legendotime) #14

please inform me via this forum of when the transfer is completed on your end

(Cindy Wallker) #15

I got the isk no mail though resend plz

(legendotime) #16

okay iresent, but the account is the same as this chars name fyi

(Cindy Wallker) #17

Transfer started
We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

(legendotime) #18

thank you very much

(system) #19

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