WTS 44.5M SP Rorq Pilot

Hello. I am for sale.


  • No Kill rights
  • Located in HighSec
  • Positve isk wallet
  • Unallocated SP 840,000

Skill Highlights:

  • Mining Drone Specialization lv5
  • Drone Interfacing lv5
  • Drone Navigation lv5
  • Ice Drone Operation lv5

24b bo

24.5b and acc send.
wait trans~

@Papa_Chengo @ISD_Traindriver
but why i can not find this char ?

May not have started the transfer yet.

The isd cannot help with that if the transfer was started. You’d have to contact support

he say transfer is done about 13hours ago.

and this time i can not find the CCP transfer mail.

Where did the seller told you that he has startet the transfer? He has to write it in here too.
Normaly a Transfer should be done in 10-12 hours.
So i suggest you to file a Ticket on https://support.eveonline.com/ and provide as much informations in there as you can find.


he tell me transfer is done about 13hours ago in game .
OK i go support.

thank you traindriver

I sent through the transfer do I have to type here aswell to complete it?

CCP has already billed my account for the transfer why hasn’t it gone through? I’ve sent in a ticket as well to get this figured out


can u post the transfer info?

ye , i see your mail and transfer info.

i think it is all OK now.

let us wait transfer 10hours.

For transparency, you do need to post that transfer is initiated in the thread when selling a char.


char is here .

transfer done~

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