Hello brother, the minimum I can get it, can trade now

Hello Brother I can’t get cheaper than 30 B ))

hi bro,30B?

I can offer 30B,can trade now?

I’m from RUSSIA, because the character transfer to you will be done manually by the technical support service, it may take several days since they have a lot of work.If you are satisfied, send the name of the account and I will start translating the character. and IS 30 B


sent isk and account

IS received . I wrote a letter to the support service. Now we are waiting. Thanks brother, don’t worry.

maybe ,log in u can find it

hey ,bro when do u finish transfer character

The character transfer is performed by the technical support service. I did what was required of me .last time it took 3 days. I warned you, brother.Don’t worry, I’ve already sold 3 characters, that’s 4, so I have experience.

what? 3days? CCP do it 10hours

@ISD_Traindriver could u pls help him

How long does it take to wait?

pls pay back my isk. wait too long

Due to the issues above, @mmm_Xx you should to resolve this. Note ISD cannot resolve transaction issues.