[SOLD] WTS 23.5M SP FOCUSED Rorqual pilot

(Ishurkone Beta) #1


Selling an excellent focused Rorqual pilot with good yield!


  • Industrial Core II
  • ‘Excavator’ Mining Drones
  • Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core
  • 150k unallocated SP
  • +5 implants

Located in Perimeter
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights

Start 20B
B/O 28B

(RadioStar) #2

Ok I’ll start you off at 20 billion

(Dem0HUNTER) #4

is this toon still for sale?

(Ishurkone Beta) #5

it is

(Isu Peiken) #6

21 b.

(Moss Asuna) #7

22B isk

(Ishurkone Beta) #8

Thank you all for the offers, looking for a bit more

(Moss Asuna) #9

25B B/O please let me know if you accept

(Ishurkone Beta) #10

come chat in-game

(Moss Asuna) #11

OK,I’m already online

(Ishurkone Beta) #12

Accepted Moss Asuna’s in-game offer
Please send isk and account info

(Moss Asuna) #13

Has been sent isk and account info

(Ishurkone Beta) #14

Isk received. Transfer initiated.

(Moss Asuna) #15

I haven’t received it yet. Please let me know when it’s finished.

(Shnitzel Tiras) #16

Got GM response, should be in your account now.
Let me know if everything is in order.

(Moss Asuna) #17

I have received it. Thank you