WTS 23,6kk SP Rorqual Pilot

(Kavalar Ley) #1

WTS Perfect ore mine rorqual pilot.
Pilot has 23.6kk SP + 198k Free SP.
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Kavalar_Ley pw:111

Maxed ore mine income.
Cybernetics V, +5 Imps and remap for SP farm.
Decent Tank and Panic IV
Ready combat rorq.
Can run 10 jobs building cap parts.

Npc corp, posivite wallet. no killrights, docked Perimeter.
Deal gonna be made via plex transfer ticket.

Starting bid is 20B

(A-li Qiu) #2

23b B/O

(SmithDogg) #3

Haven’t we talked about it in the game?

(SmithDogg) #4

23.5B.Please reply to me as soon as possible, thank you

(Dancul1001) #5

25b b/o

(Kavalar Ley) #6

B/O Accepted. Waiting for isk and account info to start process.

(Dancul1001) #7

isk / mail sent

(Kavalar Ley) #8

Isk and account info received. Transfer ticket is open. Awaiting for transfer.

(Dancul1001) #9

char received