WTS 20.9m SP Rorqual Pilot

WTS Perfect ore mine Rorqual pilot.
Pilot has 20.9KK SP
5 Implants - Improved
Positive wallet
No killrights
Parked in Jita
Npc corp
No jumpclones to mention.
Start price: 24B ISK
Buyout: 25B ISK

25b buyout isk is ready

plz comfirm

25Bil. I will take you offer, plz send me ISK and account info.

ok,i will do it right now

isk and account info was sent

i dont recive the gm comfirm Email,could you check the process? i am already sent isk to you,why doot you start the transferation? I will go to GM right now!!!!is someone here can handle this???Where is GM???I AM SEND REQUEST HERE:http://support.eveonline.com/hc/requests/905124 BUT NO ONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!!!WHERE IS GM???WHERE IS GM???