WTS 21m SP Rorq pilot


WTS me. rorq pilot. with a HG Slave set in a JC (located in HS) positive wallet, positive sec status. all isk goes to me. i will reply on forum, not in game.

has all the skills injected for a Nyx / thanatos pilot with the clone set.

starting bid 15b buy out 25b

no starting bid and no cutoff for auction

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14B to start you

cheers for the Bid, too low naturally but its a starting point. o7

how much your start price and buy out price.
let us know

starting bid and buyout added

I’ll start at 15 then :slight_smile:

16B Offer

16.5 bil

17b offer

thanks for the offers, no where near what i want for it considering the skills and HG slave implant set though

no needed slave set in rorq TBH

17.5 bil

18B offer

Atharnal while that is true, the clone is left over from being a super pilot, and under CCP rules is allowed to be included in the price of the character

18.5 bil

19b. Offer good for 12 hours.

Thanks Bruce, still not quite what i want


20b offer

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