[SOLD] WTS Rorq pilot with implants, 39M SP


Max Tank Rorq
T1 Lif

By out at 35bil
B/O: Offers

All ccp rules apply
The pilot is sitting in Jita 4 isk positive
The transfer will be done with Isk

30 bill

If no one else makes an offer by 1800 eve time the account is yours

32 billion

at 1800 this end, if you have the high bid at that time please be avoidable for transfer.

33 billion


you have won i will pm you in game

shnitzel tiras i accept your offer

Isk and account info sent

transfer complete once you have the account please send isk from it to Lyle Panala, and close thread.

CCP mail received.
Will do. Thanks!

Done. Please verify

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