[SOLD] WTS focused Rorq pilot 16.3m sp

Skill: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/riddikulouss
pw: 123

Four (1+3) remaps available
Can use Excavator Mining Drone
Can use T2 Industry Core
Can use T2 Capital capacitor/shield mods, invul 4
Drone Skill V except durability

In NPC corp (EveSkillboard delayed a bit)
Located in highsec NPC station
Positive wallet balance
Positive sec status
No jump clone
No kill right

Starting bid: 16.5 bil
Buyout: 20 bil
Bid increment: 0.5 bil

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thanks dude, will let it run a bit longer. :slight_smile:

17 bil


18b isk ready


19b isk ready

thanks for all bids :slight_smile:
also updated the b/o to be 20 bil.
i will let this bid run for 24 hours, so the bidding will end within 12 hours, so either the highest bid win or b/o met

20b b/o

Willing to pay 21B B/O if ridikulouss falls through on BO

Hello, if you bid is still valid, then send isk and your account info to this character by in game mail please.

Sorry man, since the b/o is met before your bid, I can’t sell this pilot to you unless his bid gone invalid.

All good ill wait and if it goes invalid pls feel free to convo me in game or eve mail

Thanks for understanding :smile:

money and info sent , thanks for being a cool guy

isk and account info received, character transfer initiated.

sorry man, sold to Banana.

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NP congrats on your sale good sir

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