[WTS] ~27M SP Focused Rorq Pilot with PI/Merc mining skills

This character is a high skill Rorq pilot that also has good PI skills and can fly a merc mining barge.


Character has no killrights, positive sec status, and is in highsec.

See skillboard for exact skills, but some highlights include:

  • 544k unallocated SP and 2 bonus remaps

  • T2 Industrial Core / Capital Industrial 5 / Mining Drone Spec 5

  • T2 mercoxit mining crystals + can fly a barge

  • PI Command Center Upgrades and Interplanet Consolidation to 5

  • Can fly a travelceptor

If I’m forgetting anything or got anything wrong, please let me know.

I am not in a hurry to sell, so please don’t lowball, but I will take a reasonable buyout.

Starting bid: 25B
Buyout: Surprise me

I reserve the right to cancel this auction for any reason.

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25b offer

26 B ready

Thank you for the offers, I will let this run for a couple days and sell to highest unless a higher buyout is met

Daily bump. Will sell in a day or so if there aren’t higher offers.


Thanks guys, will close to highest bid when I get home from work in about 2 hours.

27b B/O?

Buyout accepted. Send isk an account name and I’ll get this started.

Account details and isk sent

Isk received, but getting this weird error when trying to view your mail for account information…

Troubleshooting, will start transfer as soon as I get this sorted.

Tried again, convo request sent as well

OK, that’s messed up, relogged and cleared mail cache, second mail works but first one still fails to load. Never seen that before. Oh well, transfer started.


Thanks for the business and enjoy!

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