WTS 42mil sp rorqual pilot

Skills speak for themselves. High yield, High boost rorq pilot, cap indy ships 5, t2 indy core, t2 panic. JDC 5. Other useful skills present too. RR nestor, dominix, good drone skills, Has Geno golden pod skin

Located in empire, has positive wallet balance, one jump clone located in nullsec with t2 mining foreman mindlink, 2 remaps.

Password is buyme

This is a feeler post, I’m open to offers but not in a hurry to sell.





Reserve met, bidding closes tomorrow. I didn’t expect so much interest.

Sold to Sofra Gaterau, Awaiting account name in evemail and isk to begin transfer

pls give me a few hours to collect isk, sorry for the delay

No sweat buddy

maybe i could get it? try 39.5B XD

I"m leaning toward moving on to another buyer at this point it’s been longer than a few hours, That’d make you the next in line, but IDK the reprecussions if I sell to you , and then, once the character is in your posession, he xferrs you the isk once the character is in your posession. It’d be a huge mess and I’m trying to be patient.


isk and account info sent

Character sent, sorry it took me a couple hours to send, I was in bed.

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