WTS 49m sp rorqual/indy pilot!

I am for sale!
Auction ends sometime towards the end of this month.


Char is in npc corp at the time of wrighting this post.

Great rorqual pilot, can also fly freighters, not too far off jump freighters.
Reprocessing skills, and alot more nice to have mining skills.
1m unallocated sp. Remap available.

Positive wallet
Good standings, no killrights
Char located in highsec

Starting bids: 33b
1b increments
B/O: 40b

To contact me in game: Nahir

Bump, added Buyout price.

Daily bump, edited starting bid

Daily bump, B/O lowered

buying character as discussed ingame

Confirming offer accepted.

Character is beeing transfered.

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