[SOLD] WTS starter Rorqual/indy pilot - 13.1m SP


I am selling Thinald Ishirai, will post with him to confirm. The character can fly a Rorqual with starter skills and would be good if you’re starting off with Rorqual mining or want to train a capital alt. Character has 13,137,121 SP.

  • Positive (3.5) security status
  • No jump clones
  • Located in Perimeter in an NPC corp (EVESkillboard can take a while to update)
  • +5 Memory and Intelligence implants, +4 Perception and Willpower, and WS-613 (13% bonus to warp speed)

Please see here for more info, password is 3443.

Starting bid at 12B, B/O is 14.5B

Thank you!

Confirming I am for sale.

14.5b b/o

Accepted. Please send ISK to Thinald Ishirai

Manual transfer so I’ll petition for it to be transferred within a few hours of the ISK being received.

Isk and acc name sent, thanks

ISK received, have petitioned CCP, thank you very much!

Character seems to have been moved and confirmed by CCP- thanks again!

Apologies, it was received late last night. Thanks mate

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15B Can trade?

already sold, sorry

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