WTS RORQ PILOT T2 Industrial Core


Pilot is located in High Sec
Positive Sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Industrial Reconfiguration V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Drone Interfacing V
Mining Barge V


Thank you!

I’ll offer 14b (well above extraction price)

Offer stands until 17:00 UTC

I will still wait for more bids for 8 hours.

Thank you!

Ready to send in 24h

15b Buyout, character simply isnt worth more.

15.5b Buyout
I want it
Bid valid Until 24/01 11am Eve Time


SOLD to Avouk
Pls send the ISK and all the informations

isk and informations send thanks

Carcater has been trasfered!

Thank you!

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