WTS 29m SP Rorq pilot

(Queen of Bee's) #1

Capital Industrial ships lvl 5
JDC lvl 5
Invul core lvl 4
mining drone op lvl 5
mining drone spec lvl 5
mining director lvl 4
cybernetics lvl 5
T1 indy core


Sale will run for 1 week from today.
All ccp rules apply

pilot is in NPC corp
positive wallet
no kill rights
no major assets to speak of
Seller will pay transfer fee

I have a reserve for this pilot and therefor will start the bidding at 25B and see if it is reached.
Do NOT mail me in game on this pilot unless I have accepted your bid posted here and am expecting your account name for transfer.

(Olimano Eistiras) #2

25b offer, isk ready whenever

(Isabella Korzana) #3

26b b/o

Clever name

(Avallah) #4

27 bil

(Brook Auscent) #6

29b offer

(Queen Currency) #7

30b isk

(Brook Auscent) #8

31b isk

(Dunk Phoenix Incoming) #9

30 Bill

(Queen of Bee's) #10

I accept this bid from Dunk Phoenix. awaiting funds and account name.

(lemon JRX) #11

31B isk

(Moss Asuna) #12

32B isk

(Begpo Bogku) #13

33 billions

(Moss Asuna) #14

34B isk

(Dunk Phoenix Incoming) #15

Isk and account name sent.

(Queen of Bee's) #16

isk received, Transfer started

(Begpo Bogku) #17

Sorry, I did not have time …