27 mil sp Rorq pilot that can also build capital parts.

skills http://eveboard.com/pilot/Miss_Walter

Invulnerabillity core 5
**Capital industrial 5 **
Industrial Reconfiguration 5
Mining drone spec 2 (training to 3-4)
Mining foreman 5
Jump drive calibration 5

Good shield

The char is in jita and in noobie corp

possive security status
postitiv wallet
no killrights

Give me offers, no need to lowball to much since i can just extract the char.

20b Buyout Isk ready.

21 bil

22 bil

23 bil

keep the bids coming :wink:

24.6b ?


Tweenty five


27 bil buy out offer

I accept the 27bil buyout, transfer the isk and send a mail with info and Ill get the transfer going

I will send ISK and account details at today evening CET time. At the moment I dont have access to computer, need back to home. Thanks

ISK’s and account details sent to Miss Walter.

isk recived and char have been transfered

Transfer completed

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