WTS 14.3m SP Rorqual Pilot

Located in Hi-sec in Npc Corp
Capital Industrial Ships L4
Invulnerability Core Operation L4
Industrial Reconfiguration At 82% to L5
Mining Drone Operation L5
Mining Drone Specialization L5

Positive Walet
No Killrights
Clean KB

Starting bit 18b
B/O 20b

18 bill

18 b acepted send isk and acount info

Still for sale

Can offer 10b ready

11 bill

12b :slight_smile:

13bil :slightly_smiling_face:

15 bil


Daily Bump

Daily Bump

Daily Bump


19b Can you give it to me? I only have 19b.

19b Acepted send isk and acount info

Isk Received Transfer Started

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