WTS 24.36mil SP, Specialist high-yield Rorqual pilot with great PI skills

WTS 24.36mil SP, Rorqual pilot with great PI skills


Located in Hi-sec, Jita 4-4,
in NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights

Skill highlights

  • Specialist Rorqual pilot , can use Industrial Core II

  • ‘Excavator’ Mining Drones – excellent yield!

  • Working towards Ice Harvesting Drones

  • Can use Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core – PANIC!

  • Invulnerability Core 3

  • Great PI skills for passive income!

  • can fly exhumers

  • used previously also as Rattlesnake/Gila pilot

  • can fly Orca/Porpoise

  • can fly Interceptor for moving in nullsec

Excellent high-yield Rorqual pilot. Fantastic for Null or WH operations

Starting bid 25 bil
B/O 35 bil

retracting offer




Looking for more interesting offers

Bump to top


Offer withdrawn

If I reduced the buyout to 30 bil, any takers?

Can process tonight and will pay for transfer (not plex)

Withdraw quotation, friends do not want very sorry

Sad right -withdrawals offer!

Let me think about it

I’m happy to sell to first person posting here a 30 bil buyout, they transfer ISK and send account details.

Sad had offered that and I accepted. I’m at home and can initiate transfer very quickly.

I’m not going to buy it. Thank you.

so . The pilot has been sold it?

I am still for sale!

30bil I will buy it now

Agreed. Please transfer 30 bil ISK and mail account name for transfer and once confirmed I will start transfer. Thank you.

Please confirm when done and I will log in and process

the 30 bil is transfer for you .please confirmed