T2 Rorqual pilot for sale (B/O) added

I am for sale. Located in hisec. Can fly rorqual with T2 indycore.


  • T2 indycore
  • can fly exhumers
  • used previously also as Rattlesnake/Gila pilot
  • can fly Orca/Porpoise
  • can fly Interceptor for moving in nullsec

I pay the transfer. Positive wallet, all rules apply.


start bid: 15b, b/o 19b

I will let this run for a week or so. When OK price is reached I close the deal.

16b please

17b bid

17.5b please

18 bil

I will buy Jessika Alpakka for the 19 bil buy out:)

Sending ISK and account details now.

Offer accepted and ISK received. Transfer paid with credit card and in progress. You should receive your character within the next 10 hours or so.

Received o/

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