T2 Rorq pilot for sale JDC V, 35M sp

I am for sale. Located in hisec.

I pay the transfer. Positive wallet, all rules apply.


  • T2 indycore, good mining and drone skills
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Jump Fuel Conservation V
  • can fly exhumers and Orca
  • previously used as Gila/Rattlesnake pilot
  • can fly Interceptor for moving in nullsec


start bid: 20b, no buyout at this point

I will let this run for a week or so. When OK price is reached I close the deal.

21b please

22b bid

23b please contact me ingame

30 Billion ISK right here

31b Right here

32 Billion ISK right here

33b right here

Offer accepted. Transfer me the ISK pls and send me the account name.

35 bil ready now

Isk sent. Awaiting character

Payment received and transfer initiated. Got the email confirmation from CCP.

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