--- SOLD --- Rorqual/Orca Focused Pilot - 19,2 Mill SP

Hi Guys o/

Password: 123

Highlights are JDC V, Mining Drone Spec IV, Decent Drones and Tank, T1 Core
Everything you need to use a Rorqual besides Shield Links is trained “well”.

Positive Security
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita (Station)
Jump Clones Located in Null (2) - No Implants
Short Corp History

– 260k~ Unallocated Skilpoints –

I’m bad at maths, it should need around 40-50 Injectors to Inject this from 0, which is a decent amount of ISK.

Buyout: 30 Bill
Bid your way up!

You can also Offer me via Ingame Mail, but please Mail to Artura Lyk since im not really Online on Scenz atm! :slight_smile:



20 bil

Daily Bump
Highest bid currently: Generic Alt 1337 20 Bil!

Daily Bump

I want ISK, you want SP, BID BID BID!

21B offer

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Good Morning! Be ready for the daily bump.
And also, current highest Bid is from Gusa Paaltomo with 22.5 Bill.

Bump. Auction will end Friday 26. of Jan.

24B right now isk Ready

top it a little and im interested. sent you an ingame mail if you wanna chat real quick before we spam the forum? :wink:

Offer from Mikeli Soth accepted.
Awaiting ISK.

Isk and Account Info sent.

ISK Received, Transfer paid/started.

Thanks for fast service and fast Transfer :slight_smile:

Fly safe

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