--- SOLD --- Rorqual/Orca Focused Pilot - 19,2 Mill SP

(Scenz Lyk) #1

Hi Guys o/

Password: 123

Highlights are JDC V, Mining Drone Spec IV, Decent Drones and Tank, T1 Core
Everything you need to use a Rorqual besides Shield Links is trained “well”.

Positive Security
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita (Station)
Jump Clones Located in Null (2) - No Implants
Short Corp History

– 260k~ Unallocated Skilpoints –

I’m bad at maths, it should need around 40-50 Injectors to Inject this from 0, which is a decent amount of ISK.

Buyout: 30 Bill
Bid your way up!

You can also Offer me via Ingame Mail, but please Mail to Artura Lyk since im not really Online on Scenz atm! :slight_smile:


(Alocose) #2


(Generic Alt 1337) #3

20 bil

(Scenz Lyk) #5

Daily Bump
Highest bid currently: Generic Alt 1337 20 Bil!

(Scenz Lyk) #6

Daily Bump

I want ISK, you want SP, BID BID BID!

(zhizaohao04) #7

21B offer

(Generic Alt 1337) #8


(Gusa Paaltomo) #9


(Scenz Lyk) #10

Good Morning! Be ready for the daily bump.
And also, current highest Bid is from Gusa Paaltomo with 22.5 Bill.

(Scenz Lyk) #11

Bump. Auction will end Friday 26. of Jan.

(Mikeli Soth) #12

24B right now isk Ready

(Scenz Lyk) #13

top it a little and im interested. sent you an ingame mail if you wanna chat real quick before we spam the forum? :wink:

(Scenz Lyk) #14

Offer from Mikeli Soth accepted.
Awaiting ISK.

(Mikeli Soth) #15

Isk and Account Info sent.

(Scenz Lyk) #16

ISK Received, Transfer paid/started.

(Mikeli Soth) #17

Thanks for fast service and fast Transfer :slight_smile:

Fly safe

(system) #18

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