WTS 27M SP Rorqual Pilot


Pilot is located in High Sec
Positive Sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Starting Bid: 27B

I’ll Offer 27 bil

If you offer 30b, I will sell it to you directly

29 and you have a deal

Yes, let’s close the deal. I don’t want to wait too long

What should I do next? I’m selling roles for the first time

Are you still there?

Yeah I was just looking up exactly what to do next cause I haven’t done this before either lol. Do i just send the isk? Or what other details? I can’t the info here at the moment

First of all offered pilot should confirm here that he is for sale.

Look at this website. Now please email me your account name in the game, and then give me isk,

When he do that then you can send ISK but only to pilot which you buy. After send him mail with account name where pilot should be transfered.
After that seller have two ways of transfer

  1. Real money transfer - a lot faster.
  2. PLEX transfer - slower and require support ticket and 1000 PLEX

Your pilot should made statement that he is for sale otherwise you break character bazaar rules.

Little sheep can you please confirm here with goldenminer that he is for sale and I will send the isk

I’ve already sent an email to the Legion stating that now the role will be sold to NPC company

I’m sure it will be sold to you now

Until golenminer confirms here he is for sale I won’t purchase sorry

I don’t understand what you mean

I need to know that the character is really for sale. You need to log in with the character Goldenminer and comment here confirming that he is for sale

Sure. Just a moment, please

I’m here, I’m going to be sold