WTS rorqual pilot


(Boombeczka) #1

I am selling a character capable to fly, mine and use panic module on rorquals(2 of them are already sold)

No kill rights.

No Corp

Clones currently in Null Sec

positive wallets

Szarik http://eveboard.com/pilot/Szarik pw cbcwele current offer: sold for 27b
ROOK MINE http://eveboard.com/pilot/ROOK_MINE current offer: sold for 14b
Fookin’ Lazorsights http://eveboard.com/pilot/Fookin’_lazorsights current offer: sold for 15b
I wont accept offers lower than: 20b for Szarik, 13,5b for Fookin’ Lazorsights and 12b for ROOK MINE
Instant buyout offers are 40b for Szarik, 26b for Fookin’ Lazorsights and 23b for ROOK MINE(I dont expect that its going to happen but worth to mention it)

Will pay transfer fee, and transfer will be done through ticket system

(Fookin' lazorsights) #2

confirming- this toon is for sale

(Szarik) #3

confirming- this toon is for sale


confirming- this toon is for sale

(Hati Moonhound) #5

21 bil for Szarik

(Mikeli Soth) #6

22b for szarik isk ready to send

(Hati Moonhound) #7

25 bil for Szarik

(Kate Limelight) #8


(Hati Moonhound) #9

27 bil for Szarik

(Boombeczka) #10

I’m going to accept your offer, send isk and acc name to szarik and I’ll initiate the transfer

(Hati Moonhound) #11

isk and account info send

(Boombeczka) #12

Ticket with request of transfer sent, thanks for buying the toon!

(Slurple Purple) #13

14b for Fookin’ Lazorsights

(Hati Moonhound) #14

Character received, thank you!

(Boombeczka) #15

14b for Fookin’ Lazorsights

If i wont get better offer in 48h I’ll sell it to you

Character received, thank you!

thanks for purchare!

(Max D3ath) #16

15B for Fookin’ Lazorsights.

(Max D3ath) #17

Isk and account name sent.

(Boombeczka) #18

Ticket with character transfer request sent, ty for buying the toon!

(Hexon Riskwars) #19

I’d be interested in the pilot Rook Mine for 9b
Price due to it lacking Mining Director V, Industrial Reconfiguration V, rigging skills and a few more small things I’m looking for

Isk ready

(JuanKerr) #20

Rook Mine 12B ISK ready