[SOLD] WTS Rorqual Pilot - 42M SP - new BO Price ONLY 30B


Selling my pilot I do not plan to use anymore.

2 remaps available

Jump Skills - 5s
Fleet Support Skills - 5s
Drone Skills (vital) - 5s
And other good stuff. Will do the job for sure.

NEW BO Price - ONLY 30B

I can offer 22B

Nah thanks, I can do skill extraction by myself. Thanks anyway!

28b for it

26.5B I want it

@cc_select I can sell you the other pilot I am going to put on the market:


I was planning to put it for 30, so you can get it for 29. It is going to be on the market today.

New BO Price!


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Little bit too low, keep on pushing

I’ll give you 22 b for Fuze is Life and 18 b for Fuze is Love
isk ready :wink:
see ya

The other is sold already :slight_smile:

Just sum up your isk and we are Gucci :slight_smile:

BUMP, new BO is 30B

Are you still interested for 29B, wanted to complete account cleanup etc. :slight_smile:

Hey, how about 28, and we have a deal?

sure, lets go @Heroine_HoneyQueen

Isk sent ! Account information sent!

Character transferred. THANKS

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