WTS Rorqual pilot 30+ m skill points (with rorqual ship + orca)

WTS my rorqual pilot EveSkillboard - Laffaiet Crendraven,

It comes with a fitted Rorqual (no excavators) and an Orca. I am selling as I don’t play that much anymore.

Bids over 31B will be taken in consideration.

i’ll offer extractor profit price at 17B since you can’t sell assets like ships in the listing. we could work out additional stuff for the rorq privately, but that can’t be considered in the listing price.

Thank you for the offer, but it is lower than expected for the toon. I can understand about the items, but this is lower than I would be willing to sell.

If you decide to sell, my price for the toon would stay around my offer, and again we negotiate privately about assets.

@Laffaiet_Crendraven 26B are you ok ?

offer accepted Spike306 - please send again account details

Screenshot (9)

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