WTS 19M SP Indy & Trade/All Rounder/Missiles/Good Research Skills Orca/Freighter Pilot

Char Skills

Currently in Jita.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Positive Balance.


Great character to shape up.

Ask away

Want gone quick :slight_smile:


Bumpeddy bump, WTS - lowball me and get bids rolling

10b low ball offer (free bump).

11B offer

12B offer

13 b offer
(See below Offer retracted)

Looking for a bit more, thanks for all the bids so far!

How many days are you from sitting in a rorqual?

Okay I ll up the offer to 14.5B
(See below Offer retracted)

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7 days away from Rorq, barely anything at all

Thanks for offer, considering unless there’s a counter

Retracting Offer

12 bil

16b ISK Buyout

My 12b offer was first! No cuts, buts or coconuts! (and a bump)

Bump, still looking for a bit more

The other deal I was looking at fell through…
13.5B Offer good for 24 hours.

I’d do 15b, just put another month of Omega on that toon, not sure if that transfers too.