WTS: 27.4Mil Soon to be Rorq Pilot - SOLD

Link to skills: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Shara_Tsukei

Looking to sell this character over the next couple days, you can see in the link it has some cheap Implants.

Looking to start the bidding at 23bil after 04/13/2018 I will look over the offers and then decide to sell it.

Remap: 08/26/2018
Loaction: Jita
Wallet: Positive
Jump Clones: None
Kill Rights: None

20b bo

Just a daily bump!

20.5b offered

when is the remap up again?

Ill offer 24bill, i am looking into getting into the game, and i have been told rorqual pilots are a good way to make isk :slight_smile:

Daily bump, @Black_Beavers if you are around I am online now see if we can work that out.

Also if anyone can do atleast 23bil I am online and willing to get the deal done now.

Daily bump

21b offer

@Etneri_Harple you happen to be around?

@Etneri_Harple Offer accepted at 21B awainting the ISK.

ISK and account name sent

Transfer has been started.

Character received, thx!

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