WTS 19M SP Indy & Trade/All Rounder/Missiles/Good Research Skills Orca/Freighter Pilot

it doesn’t.
you put omega on an account not on the character.

Ok thanks! Still 15b+


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Let’s do 14b

Please send evemail with account info & ISK (14b)

Are you still interested? Bidding still open unless you can confirm :slight_smile:

I have your 14B if they don’t respond

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Looks like they’re not interested. Let’s do 14b like above please send evemail with details & ISK :slight_smile:

Not sure if I replied to you or not with my last post so please see above

Isk and account sent, thank you.

Thank you,

I believe you have too many characters on that account. Please send another evemail with the account name for me to safely transfer to.

Done. Account is ready.

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All done. thank you for sorting that out!

‘Will be completed after 2/12/2024 4:42:56 AM’

Much appreciate the business.

apologize, i had some IRL Stuff going on, can’t get into the game for a little bit.
was not my intention to let you wait.

glad to see there are other’s interested (it’s a good deal after all)

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