SOLD WTS Golem / rorqual / Perfect Tengu / Falcon Pilot 44m

Can use Falcon, GOLEM, t2 RORQUAL, training last module can be used for Misions and decent char in general.

  • Can Ise Impel - DST and blockade runners
  • Can use rorqual very good, last module in training.
  • Can Use exhumers
  • Can use Cerberus and Golem high missiles
  • Can use rorqual, orca and Porpoise
  • Mining drone 4 specializaion
  • Good Tengu, near perfect and lvol 5 subsystems
  • Can use Falcon , then Can use cynos
  • can use mining frigate
  • missioneer, high stats with gallente/minmatar
  • accounting V
  • with the right Book can be Jump freighter , already good jump stats
  • can be confessor quickly

Is in high sec, paying transfer in credit car. No killing rights, have positive wallets

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail. I enter in a second to confiirn

I am for sale and can use mining frigate Endurance or Prospect i u put the book

Today Bump. Currently transfer out other character in the same account, can deliver in ten hours.

Daily Bump

I can offer 20B

offer 25b

The simple extraction price is 30b and the two big books are 1.5b, then iyour offer is very low. Sorry guys.

30B offer

Do u have a b/o ?


Well, because is anice char, have +5 implants , pĆ¹ller gallente/min and near Optimus Rorqual, and i am paying in Credit card 33b is my Buyout and think is a good price.

33B offer

offer of 33b by @reeed_Mabata accepted, send the isk and account name and i transfer in twenty minutes ( need pass items to other pilot )

As i say, is accepted the sell. Connected and beginning to empty character

Isk and account received. I transfer in 30 minutes or less.

Isk and acc have been send. Please start transferring :blush:

Transfer done, please answer the thread when youy receive the CCP mail.

This character have some LP points in a mining company worth around 15m, i suggest go to the system i said in a mail, and can get quickly without problems.
Enjoy !

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