WTS 21M SP Rorqual pilots

WTS Myself 21M SP Rorqual pilots

Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Light Drone Operation V
Medium Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Capital Industrial Ships V

No kill rights

Located in High Sec
in NPC Corp

Starting bid: 21bill
Buyout: 23bill

@Maple_leaf_Fax Contact me and bid 21B,Waiting for his reply here.

hey man check one of your previous posts?

What’s wrong with my post? My English is not very good

notthing i offerd you this WTS 25m SP Toon Tengu pilot t4 abyssals puller, hawk/gila skills EPIC NAME for a 25-28m sp rorq toon if u have one

21B B/O

I accept your price~:grin:
waitng for your isk and account

isk and mail sent

Sorry , ccp can’t use PLEX to TransferCharacter.
return isk to you .check please

Close ,tks

Isk received

Let’s continue our trading.

21B B/O

OK,I accept

isk and mail sent


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