WTS 21M SP Rorqual Pilots

WTS Myself 21M SP Rorqual Pilots


Drone Interfacing V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Light Drone Operation V
Medium Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Capital Industrial Ships V

No kill rights

Located in High Sec
in NPC Corp

Starting bid: 21bill
Buyout: 23bill

@OmahaStationTrades_BattleMachin Contact me and bid 21B,Waiting for his reply here.

hello, are you interested in a trade? i’ll take a rorq-ual pilot that has atleast 25m sp

Sorry , ccp can’t use PLEX to TransferCharacter.
Close ,tks

You can transfer pilot by PLEX. It cost 1000 PLEX and you need open ticket then GM move pilot to listed account.

21B. I’ll help you figure the PLEX out.

thank you!!! you are good man!

OK. Let’s move on, I accept 21B

isk / info sent

ok. TRANSFER CHARACTER ing ing ing…

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