SOLD WTS pilot Rorqual, Golem, widow nice 132m pilot

Hi, i want sell this well rounded pilot, rorqual capable, svery soon to jump freighter

When i receive the payment i need two hours to transfer because need pass all his posessions to otrer char. Want make the deal today if possible.

I am for sale.

Positive wallet
no kill rights
willl be in high sec.

I am not reading evemail, please answer the thread if interested.

How much for this one again?

No much idea, offer.

Never bought a character before, don’t have any idea either lol, 3 billion?


No thanks.

k lol, let me know when you’ve got the price tag figure out


100 bil

Gattanera, i accept the 100b offer, ready to do the operation

100Bil isk ready to transfer now… if Battanera doesn’t reply

Send me project phoenix, i sell to you , and as i say, i deliver in two hours, need empty forst

In other words, i agree to sell to you.

isk and account info sent to PiterSkyWalker. please transfer pilot…

Received, i transfer in two hours aprox.

been 2 hours, have not received email of transfer yet. when are you going to transfer?

Sorry, need 20 min more.

I had some ships woith containers and need going to they to empty qndd contract to myself.

Currently two stops more, one in domain and last in rens.

ok… waiting

Transfer done one moment ago, sorry for the delay.

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