WTS 73m Rorqual Tengu Alt ISk making toon

I am up for a sale. I can make you money and fill up roles. You deserve a descent alt toon or main
Few points in general :slight_smile:

Rorqual with perfect skills , boosting capable shield and mine boosts , simple mining also possible

  • mining drone and mining drone specialization 5
  • industrial reconfiguration 5
  • capital industrial 5
  • ice harvesting 5
  • gas cloud 5

Perfect PI

Tengu exploration with super nice skills , also t2 relic / data
Heavy assault Cruisers 5 ( hello ishtar)
Good drone skills for it with sentries 5
Very nice missiles skills also included

My complete skill chart


I will be transfering via plex

I will start from 60b bids and up (a little more than extraction )
For instant b/o suprise me


Bump for the Day. Good morning

Nice toon but donโ€™t really need the tengu stuff. Could do 45B

Extraction value is 57

Understood. Iโ€™ve been looking specifically for a Rorqual pilot, but with less SP. Could potentially do 47B

withdrawn as 48 hours passed

Revised offer 49B

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