I sit hulks well enough and have started prodcutcion skills!
I also have a remap available
just a hair under 9 mil sp make me an offer toon must go (this weekend)
out of corp and ready to go, no kill rights and sitting in amarr.

4.5 Bil B/O


3.5 B

good current offer, id like to see at least 4 bil but if not in 2 hours then he’s all yours

its been two hours brotato mail me the details im online

I’m still available bump

3.5 b/o

:slight_smile: 3.7

3.75 b/o

I thought you already put your best offer ? Ha. OK. 3.8 bil

4.5b B/O

Wanna fight ?? 4.6

4.7 b/o 4.7 bil accepted awaiting isk and info for xfer!

5bill if still avaliable

Didn’t see that comming, are you around to do the sale?

Sorry just woke up.

ISK and account info has been sent

Sold Thanks and xfer’d!

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