WTS: 13 Mil SP Hulk Pilot - 5bil - Or better offer

Clone - Highsec

  • 13mil SP


Comment here if interested

Offer withdrawn

Interested. 5b offer if:
no kill rights and char has positive wallet, and all other CCP rules followed

Thanks but looked over this skill quite a bit, and just too much work still needing to be done. Thanks though. Here’s a bump for you though


I can confirm all CCP rules have been followed.

5 bil to buy the character acceptable?

Offer withdrawn

awww to heck with it, he needs alot of work but can use him in my mining fleet. Ill offer 6b and wish you just had a buyout for him I hate playing this auction highest bidder mess

Kelcier Zaint,

Let’s do 6 bil.

Evemail hulk with your details, along with the isk. I will process the transaction after work tonight.

sounds good

Isk Sent, Account Info sent and thank you

I have not received the isk yet.

I am currently re-opening this post up to bids.

Buyout now 7 billion.

WHAT!!! Are you kidding me??? I DID send you the price you agreed to, AND the account name I want it transferred to. Now hold up your end and follow through or CCP will take action!

I see nothing on my end

So, whats a picture… what does that prove. Please honor our deal, I have records I sent the isk you asked for, AND I have records I sent you the account name. All I ask is you to hold up your end of the deal and either send me the isk back or send me the pilot, one or the two. Im trying to be as nice as I can at first, if not… Welllll… we will see what happens

There is an error here somewhere. Please accept my convo ingame here so we can sort this out.

I logged in just now, I dont see your ingame convo

Well I tried…

guess this toon is back on the market.