[WTS] 5 Mil SP Hulk

I am for sale

SP. 5,087,463
wallet balance: +103,874
no kill rigthts
1 jump clone in low-sec
current location: High sec

start: 3.5 bil, B/O: 4 bil
open for offers :blush:

I am for sale …

And … bump


2.5b bid

3 b BO …

Where abouts in hi-sec is the char; and are they in space or in station

also do they have any remaps left

Is in station, in Amarr system.
Bonus remaps: 2

3b buyout?

offer withdrawn

3b was as far as i could go for this one, however thanks for replying

Accepted! Awaiting for isk and in game mail with account info for transfer.

Thank you

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