WTS 20M SP Orca/Hulk Pilot

Can fly Orca and Hulk with decent/good skills, Also can fly Triglavian Battleship and Has a decent set of background skills.

Has 100k Unallocated Skillpoints for buyer’s discretion :smiley:

Docked in Jita
No Jumpclones
Wallet : Negligible
No Kill Rights on me

Starting Bid : 12B
Buy Out: 22B

Bump :smiley:

ohh cancel

Can you please make the disclosures as required in section C of CCP’s character selling requirements in their character bazaar rules post here Welcome to the Character Bazaar

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What do you mean cancel?

Done :slight_smile:

He posted a bid and then changed his mind.

Oh okay :slight_smile:

bump bump

12b offer

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16b offer

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Will be considered gonna wait for a slightly higher bid :slight_smile:


bump bump


18 bil and it’s yours?

Sorry…I only have 16b isk in my account now. 16B is my best offer.

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Add me on discord once you’re on an we can discuss how the transfer happens I’ll confirm within a day. ShaunSicarius#6875

16.5b … just going to bed now but mail me in game if you accept and I’ll send isk from my phone for the next hour or so until I fall asleep

Sorry I did not see the post last night. I finally got 18b ready yesterday.
The official transfer procedure might be: I send isk to the account named [Stephen Radiation] -> You check the isk transfer and transfer the isk to your another account. -> You start the character transfer

If 18B is okay for you, I will send isk as soon as possible.

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