WTS 25m SP ORCA/Hulk pilot

(Jim TheSchlag) #1


24.900.000 SP
2 x remaps available
Specialized booster/miner
Positive SEC status
No kill rights
Positive Wallet
Location Jita 4-4
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid 24B
Buyout 27B

Open for offers.

(Norwal Gorac) #2

I could do 18bil on this character

(Odinessa) #3

19 bil

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #4

20 bil

(Norwal Gorac) #6

23 bil

(Jim TheSchlag) #7

23 bill bid is current high.

(Rookuza Ambraelle) #8

23.1 valid for 20 minutes.

(Ronni Ormand) #9


(Jim TheSchlag) #10

Thanks for your bid. I believe it’s valid, but it’s not high enough to make a B/O on.

(Jim TheSchlag) #11


(Jim TheSchlag) #12

Added buyout. Get your offers in.

(TRAVS) #13

24b isk ready or take it as a free bump

(Jim TheSchlag) #14


Deal, send ISK and information on mail pls :slight_smile:

(TRAVS) #15

info and isk sent

(Jim TheSchlag) #16

ISK recieved and transfer has been done.

(TRAVS) #17

Recieved Thanks

(system) #18

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