WTS 65.1 mil sp Near Perfect Mining Roqr Pilot!

Items I am required to tell you:

  • 63.4 M Skillpoints / 1,680,000 are unallocated
  • I have a net positive wallet
  • I have 1 remaps available
  • I am in HighSec station with a Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Reprocessing RX-804 in my head
  • I have no KillRights
  • I am a member of an NPC Corporation right now
  • I will pay transfer fee


  • Substantial Drone Skills (9.6M SP)
  • Substantial Resource Processing Skills (9.8M SP)
  • Decent Shield Skills ( 5.5M SP)


I am open to offers. I am in no rush to sell…

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Link eveboard for your pilot

20 bil?

I’m going to let it ride longer… Thanks for the offer…

50 billion

Thank you for the offer. I’m still going to let this ride…


Up we go!!!

Are you still selling

Yes I am available for sale

58 billion

whats your ballpark on this character ? looking for a good miner

yes …

Over 60… 63 and it’s a done deal

Middle price 59 billion do you sell it in real time

I do not understand what you mean by sell it in real time…

No I do not feel like I’m going to jump on 59 but I appreciate the offer.





will offer 60 bill but cant transfer until the 17th of jan