[ Close ] Few SP will be extracted

Auctioning my “Perfect Miner” self.
SkillQ.net - Chaos X13 - 82m SP

B.O.: 80b

Mine Skills V
Mine Ships V

11.2m unallocated SP to do whatever you pleased !!!

No Bounty / Kill rights
Positive wallet
Parked in High Sec

About to take off on airplane but want to put down a tentative offer of 65b.

Talking with someone on the side about what I could use this toon for or could use the unallocated SP to do the industry toon I’m looking for.

65b sounds too low…

There is that €20 fee that I need to pay as well (all translated as isk) and already calculated 900m per 1m SP.

73b please.

I believe the current going rate is about 800m per 1m SP, which would be 66b.

offer withdrawn. Decided to go a different path with character make up in my accounts.

Just to know I already sold 3 and created the transfers.

I already reported you to support for harassment and offensive accusations without any proof from your side…

I am still… for sale!

Exordiumi Here.


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Perfect Miner still up for sale.

Still up for sale.

Still up for sale!

Shinsou Tengen

As I see you buying various toons (I just sold you dronefish),
do you (or someone you know) have any interest for a Miner (this toon) or a JF / Orca / Cov Ops one?

Thank you

@Chaos_X13 Can you reach out to me in game on your main? Have a few questions across all the toons you are selling.

Still up for sale,

This is my Miner.

Still looking for a buyer.