WTS 18M SP Miner/PI/Industry - 5M SP Unallocated

Hi. Looking to sell myself. Miner / Industry / PI Focussed character with 5M SP Unallocated so can further enhance it to your requirements.

Malthael Amarr Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Located in high sec - jita.
Positive sec status
No killboard data.
No killrights.
13,097,933 SP + 4,840,000 Unallocated SP
Wallet is positve
No active jump clones.

Start bid is 15b

10.5 b

11 B offer

18 B/O

18.5 BO

18.75 bil

19 BO isk ready

offer withdrawn

20 BO Lets do this now sir

Thanks for the bids. Running until 10pm tomorrow 19/12 and ending with highest bid then.

Final bump. Ending this in a few hours.

All yours. Send Isk and account info.



Apologies for the delay. You sent that just after I logged out last night.

Transfer now initiated.

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