WTS focused miner and Amarr pilot

(miner light) #1

selling my mining char has 19.3m SP

eveboard- http://eveboard.com/pilot/miner_light - pass is 1234

In NPC corp.
Next door to Jita.
Possitive Wallet
Possitive Sec
18b B/O

contact me here or ingame or join “miner light” channel ingame

(Maizie Fields) #2

12 bil

(miner light) #3

no thanks looking for a bit more

(miner light) #4

Still for sale =)

(Grim Kasad) #5

12.1 bil

(miner light) #6

affaried not

(miner light) #7


(miner light) #8

bump. also no offers below 15b now adding b/o of 18b.

(miner light) #9

still for sale

(miner light) #10

Still For Sale

(Gallente Citizen 22042017) #11

15 Bil

(miner light) #12

i accept 15B contact me ingame

(Gallente Citizen 22042017) #13

ISK and account details sent.

(Gallente Citizen 22042017) #14

Have not heard back from OP and am still awaiting character.

(ISD Bubblemoon) #15

Please file a ticket to the customer support as soon as possible: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us